Regional Radio Fast Facts

  • 46% of Australians live in Regional areas
  • Regional Radio has a potential reach of over 11.0m people
  • Almost half of all groceries and beverages are consumed by Regional Australians
  • Every second car sold in Australia is sold in a Regional market
  • Regional households spend more per week on alcoholic beverages than metro households 
  • 12 of the 15 fastest population growth areas are in Regional markets
  • Regional Australians spend $10.5 billion each year on domestic and international holidays

*Source: Based on ACMA Radio license area/ABS 2011 survey data 

People Really Connect with Radio

  • Radio is alive with influential, connected and current talent, shows and brands
  • Radio is alive with brand engagement and influence that drives awareness, equity and ROI
  • Radio brings brand stories to life through multi-platform audio, video and written content 24/7
  • Radio is “Live and Local” connecting with community issues and events
  • Radio is nimble and flexible to broadcast the most current messages
  • Radio’s digital extensions engage in real time
  • Radio is portable and mobile


Radio Dominates Share of Radio

  • Live Australian radio is the dominant audio platform accounting for 65.3% of time spent listening to audio, up from 64.9% in 2016
  • Owned music accounts for the second largest share with 12.6% and streaming 11.0%.
  • Live Australian radio has increased in share, largely to the detriment of owned music.
  • Time spent listening to live Australian radio is over 4 times higher than the combined time spent listening to streaming services (Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music)
  • Australians consume an average of 3 hours 20 minutes of audio each day and 2 hours 10 minutes of this is spent listening to live Australian radio, compared to 15 minutes listening to Spotify, 3 minutes to Apple Music and 2 minutes to Pandora.
  • Live Australian radio is the leading audio platform for all demographics including 10-17 and 18-24 year olds

Source : GFK Share of Audio study 2016 and 2017

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Radio Drives ROI 

Radio has always been considered one of the most economical and effective call to action mediums. The findings of this study highlight this further by confirming that adding radio to a media mix helps brands to increase their ROI

  • Radio advertising delivers an average ROI of +17%, more than online (14%) and TV (13%)
  • Radio and online is the strongest two channel combination, delivering an average ROI of +23%, nearly three times more than TV and online (+9%) 
  • Radio is the only channel that consistently increases ROI; the results for radio are always positive
  • Radio and online is the strongest two channel combination, delivering an average ROI of nearly 3 times more than TV and online.

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Radio: Most trusted and Authentic

  • Compared to other media, listeners say radio is the most trusted and authentic media, rating it almost twice as high as TV and more than double online.
  • Radio leads the way in providing credible and trusted news content for listeners, with over half of listeners saying that online is full of ‘fake news’
  • Radio is particularly important amongst those living in Regional areas to keep up-to-date on local news (Regional 74% v’s Metro 58%) and community events (Regional 76% v’s Metro 58%)

Source: GFK Radio Insights 2017

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